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Trump calls transgender ban a 'great favor' for the military

Keeping transgenders out of combat may be politically incorrect, but President Trump believes it's so common sense that he's "doing a lot of people a favor" by "coming out and saying it."

As with other unpopular conservative moves such as pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord, Trump is not not backing down to critics but "doubling down" on his stand.

"I have great respect for the (LGBTQ) community. I think I'm a great supporter (and) I've had great support from that community," the president said in response to questions from the press at his golf club in New Jersey. "The military is working on (the ban) now ... It's been a very difficult situation, and I think I'm doing a lot of people a favor by just coming out and saying it.'

"As you know, it's been a very complicated issue for the military. It's been a very confusing issue for the military," Trump reiterated, "and I think I'm doing the military a great favor."

The president announced the transgender soldier ban on July 26 in a series of tweets.

"The United States government will not accept or allow transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the U.S. military," Trump stated, explaining further, "Our military must be focused on decisive and overwhelming victory and cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption that transgender in the military would entail."

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ISIS' Defeat 'Dramatically Accelerated' by Trump Strategy, State Dept. Says

The Islamic State terror group has lost almost a third of its territory in Iraq and Syria mainly due to new policies adopted by President Donald Trump and his administration, a senior State Department official said Friday.

Out of the 27,000 square miles of territory that Islamic State has lost in the two countries since the group's peak control in early 2015, about 8,000 square miles have been reclaimed under Trump, Brett McGurk, the State Department's senior envoy to the U.S.-backed coalition fighting Islamic State, said, according to The Washington Post.

The Islamic State, also known as IS, ISIS, ISIL or Daesh, has been driven out of 45 percent of Raqqa, the terror group's de facto Syrian capital, since U.S.-backed local forces launched an offensive two months ago, McGurk added.

"This is due to some key changes that were put in place very early on -- three changes -- initiatives from President Trump," McGurk continued, according to Newsweek.

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Trump: ‘We worship God … We will not back down from doing what is right’

Our rights come from God, President Trump told an evangelical conservative crowd this week, and no one on Earth can take them away.

Trump also stated it is God whom Americans worship -- not government.

Family is the foundation of American life, he said as well, and families and churches -- not government officials -- know best how to create a strong and loving community.  

"We know that parents, not bureaucrats, know best how to raise children and create a thriving society," Trump stated. "And above all else, we know this: In America, we don’t worship government. We worship God."  

Trump addressed the opening day of the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s Road to Majority Conference on Thursday in Washington, D.C.

His remarks drew applause at the gathering as he mentioned God and faith numerous times, and also focused heavily on religious liberty.

Faith and freedom are linked because "liberty comes from our Creator," the president said, "Our rights are given to us by a divine authority, and no earthly force can ever take those rights away."

US Army Tells Female Soldiers to 'Accept' Having Naked Men in Their Showers

The U.S. Army is instructing its female soldiers to "accept" having men in their showers and changing areas who are "transitioning" but still have their male genitalia, according to training documents that have been released.

As previously reported, Defense Secretary James Mattis announced last week that a July 1 Obama-era deadline for the branches of the armed services to begin allowing openly transgender individuals to enlist had been delayed an additional six months. However, the move by Mattis, which came at the request of military leaders, doesn't completely halt the transgender military policy enacted by former Obama Defense Secretary Ash Carter last June.

As the Pentagon began allowing transgender service members to openly identify as such and make changes to their military identification last October, other service members have been forced to undergo mandatory training on the policy changes.

The U.S. Navy announced last year that it would force its sailors to go through mandatory training on the new transgender policy. And last month, it was reported that the Army is also conducting compulsory training on the matter.

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Paris Climate Accord is "smug liberal virtue signalling" Trump did exactly what he said he was going to do. He pulled the United States out of the multilateral treaty on climate change, also known as the Paris Agreement.

Trump did the right thing for American workers, and perhaps counter-intuitively he did the right thing for the environment. Let’s be clear: the Paris Agreement was never about the environment.

The framework for Paris is based on an alarmist interpretation of climate data, and focuses not on the largest emitters of carbon dioxide but instead on the richest emitters.

The scheme uses an invented concept -- carbon intensity -- meaning carbon emissions as a percentage of GDP.

It therefore disproportionately punishes wealthy emitters, like Canada and the United States, while allowing China and India to continue emitting more carbon dioxide each year until at least 2030 -- the year they chose for their commitment to kick in.

As Trump rightly acknowledged, this scheme would specifically and disproportionately punish the United States. It was a bad deal for American workers and American companies.

Good for Donald Trump for standing up to this nonsense.

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CNN is Very Fake News! Network’s Very Bad Week vindicates Trump

We begin with the hatchet piece that was retracted and deleted about Trump transition team member Antony Scaramucci that resulted in three CNN journalists resigning.

Then we look at how upset Senior White House reporter Jim Acosta was on Monday when the press briefing was audio only and he couldn't do his usual 'performance art'.

Next, we look at the latest undercover video from our friends at Project Veritas exposing two CNN personalities who admit that the Russia collusion story is all about ratings and a complete "nothing burger".

Finally I'll show you Tuesday's fiery exchange between the press and Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders as she puts the fake news media in their place.

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Trump Becomes First Sitting U.S. President to Visit Western Wall Donald Trump placed a note in the Western Wall in Jerusalem on Monday, becoming the first sitting U.S. president to visit one of Judaism's holiest sites.

Trump later called it a "great honor" to visit the wall, saying, "I can see a much deeper path, friendship with Israel."

The historic visit is part of Trump's efforts to highlight "the need for unity among three of the world's great religions" on his first foreign trip, senior administration officials said.

Trump's stop at the Western Wall came between Sunday's trip to Saudi Arabia, where he called on Muslim leaders to "drive out the terrorists and extremists" from their lands and his forthcoming visit with Pope Francis at the Vatican.

At the Western Wall, Trump, wearing a black yarmulke, stood alone with his hand on the wall for several moments before tucking a note deep between the cracks.

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CNN producer caught admitting media’s on ‘witch hunt’ against Trump

A CNN producer acknowledged in an undercover video that the cable news network has been creating fake news against President Trump for the past five months.

In a video released by Project Veritas, CNN supervising producer John Bonifield admitted that stories about Russia colluding with the Trump administration have no factual proof. Bonifield has worked for CNN as a journalist and producer for 15 years.

As TMZ reported, "Bonifield says CNN doesn't have the goods, but its nonstop coverage (about Russia) is all about attracting viewers. ... It’s being covered to death for ratings."

Produced and narrated by James O'Keefe, founder of Project Veritas, the video indicates that CNN makes news decisions to cater to their liberal viewers. "Our goal is to expose the real motivations behind the decision-making process at our dominant media corporations," he said.

A Project Veritas journalist visited Bonifield and videoed their conversation about bias and corruption within the mainstream media.

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House Passes Obamacare Repeal, Planned Parenthood Defund Bill

The United States House of Representatives passed legislation on Thursday that would repeal Obamacare and block federal Medicaid funds from going to the nation's largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood.

By a vote of 217 to 213, the House narrowly passed the highly debated American Health Care Act, with 20 Republicans voting against the legislation and no Democrats voting for it.

According to The Washington Post, if the health care bill is passed, Planned Parenthood would lose about 30 percent of its total revenue because it would be blocked from receiving Medicaid reimbursement funds for a year unless its hundreds of clinics stop offering abortion.

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