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Stop Abortion

Pro-life flag won’t fly at city hall … but they do fly the gay pride flag

After promising to approve a pro-life flag to fly in front of city hall, the mayor now says it needs to be replaced by something less divisive.

According to Val Hettrick, past president of Prince Albert Right to Life, Mayor Greg Dionne initially said he would stand by his decision to fly the flag featuring Umbert the Unborn cartoon figure despite an outcry from abortion supporters.

"I give Mayor Dionne credit for standing up for free speech in the past," Hettrick told LifeSiteNews. "But now he says we have to change the sign and the reasons keep changing. It’s smoke and mirrors."

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'Frightening': Life and family leaders react to Ontario College of Physicians' draft policy

Numerous life-and-family groups have slammed a draft policy from Ontario's College of Physicians and Surgeons that threatens to force doctors into providing abortions and contraceptives in some circumstances, calling it "inimical to living in a free society" and "frightening."

"We can say goodbye to a slew of good doctors in Ontario [if the policy passes]," Andrea Mrozek, executive director of Institute of Marriage and Family Canada, told LifeSiteNews. "If I were one, with a young family, I'd leave. Who wants to live under the threat of constant legal action for doing what you believe is good care?"

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A watchdog in need of a leash: Ontario College of Physicians manipulates consultation process

Following a preliminary consultation ending in August, 2014, a working group at the College of Physicians and Surgeons released a draft policy called Professional Obligations and Human Rights (POHR) in December for a second stage of consultation ending on 20 February, 2015. The most contentious element in POHR is a requirement that physicians who object to a procedure for reasons of conscience must help the patient find a colleague who will provide it.

The consultation process is intended to provide the public and members of the profession an opportunity to comment on policies being developed by the College. One of the strands in the consultation process is a Discussion Forum on the College website. The Forum is used to solicit direct feedback from forum participants. In addition, the College uses the Forum to post submissions received by email and regular mail.

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'I'm one of the 10%': This actor with Down syndrome is grateful he wasn't aborted

David DeSanctis, born with Down syndrome, will tell anyone that no chromosome abnormality is going to hold him back from living his Hollywood dream.

The 23-year-old recently starred in the independent feature film Where Hope Grows, set to be released this May.

"The movie is about a down and out former baseball player who chokes at the plate, gets sent home, has issues with his teenage daughter, and drinking issues," DeSanctis told LifeSiteNews in a video interview at the D.C. March for Life last week.

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Aborted quadruplets were born with arms ‘wrapped around each other’: Former Planned Parenthood worker

An abortion industry worker left her job at a Planned Parenthood facility – and eventually brought four of her colleagues out of the abortion industry with her – shortly after she witnessed a woman abort her quadruplets. Most of them were delivered stillborn as she sat on the toilet or stumbled through the hallway, writhing in pain.

Two of the “perfectly formed” boys had their arms "wrapped around each other," according to an e-mail she sent pro-life advocate Abby Johnson.

Johnson, who heads And Then There Were None (ATTWN), an outreach to abortion industry employees, says the woman left Planned Parenthood the day she saw a woman having a medication abortion for all four children in her womb.

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