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Protect Children

'The tipping point': Why Ontario's graphic sex-ed curriculum provoked mass protests

Dr. Scott Masson is a professor of English at Tyndale University College. He's a trustee for the Greater-Toronto-Area based Ezra Institute for Contemporary Christianity. He's also an avid watcher of politics - and he's watching the loud protests against Premier Kathleen Wynne's sex education curriculum sweeping the province with great interest. The protests, he thinks, could actually do real damage to both Kathleen Wynne's government - and the public education system itself.

I was surprised that such a groundswell of activism had been triggered by this new sex education curriculum, considering that such curriculums have been implemented across the country, and in Ontario itself, to little fanfare for decades.

It turns out that Dr. Masson was surprised as well. However, he told me by phone that he believes that for parents, many things contained in the newest curriculum may simply be a bridge too far.

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Almost 90% of teens hope to get married. Sex ed should reflect this

About 88 per cent of Canadian teens say they expect to marry someday. This is a good thing: there is ample evidence that marriage remains the gold standard for family formation, offering benefits to adults and children alike.

That said, marriage rates have been in general decline over the last number of decades. And Canadians who do marry are waiting longer, entering marriage for the first time at an average age of about 30. This means people entering marriage have often accumulated more than a decade of dating.

So just how does any young person find their way to life-long marriage? There are many answers to that. One place they are extraordinarily unlikely to get any assistance is at school in sex education.

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Ont. conversion therapy ban may see some gender identity clinics change approach

Ontario has banned clinicians from treating transgender children and youth with "conversion" therapy, a practice deemed unethical by major international medical and human rights organizations.

But what will that mean for doctors and clinics that specialize in counselling gender non-conforming kids and adolescents?

Conversion therapy, sometimes called reparative therapy, has been used by some practitioners - often religion-based - to encourage heterosexuality among gays, lesbians and bisexuals and to discourage those who identify as transgender from embracing their inner non-biological sex.

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Christian private school rejects Wynne's sex ed as 'perverse'

A private Christian K-12 academy in Ontario has not only rejected lesbian Premier Wynne's controversial sex-ed curriculum for its students, but has ripped the sexually graphic curriculum for what it says is a "dismantl[ing] of the biblical perspective on human sexuality" by an "aggressive agenda of the LGBT [movement]."

Administration and staff at Peoples Christian Academy located in Markham, Ontario, agree that the province's updated Health and Physical Education Curriculum - slated for all tax-funded schools this fall - is contrary to Christian sexual ethics for its underlying promotion of homosexual ideology.

In a meeting last month the school's education consultant, Mrs. Kerry Wilson, gave a seminar for concerned parents, outlining what she called the "liberal thinking" and "secularist worldview" at the heart of the updated curriculum.

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Sex-ed will be taught differently to Catholic kids: Trustees

The province's Catholic school students will be taught the new sex education curriculum differently than public school kids, two Toronto trustees say.

Angela Kennedy and Garry Tanuan, trustees with the Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB), issued a news release Thursday calling on their fellow trustees to request a delay in the implementation of the controversial new curriculum.

"To me, the fact that the government has allowed a special teaching resource for Catholic schools to deliver the program is a red flag," Kennedy said in the statement. "Catholic schools shouldn't be forced to teach a program that doesn't ground the expression of sexuality in love and marriage."

The Institute for Catholic Education (ICE) has been allowed by the Ministry of Education to develop teacher prompts that are consistent with Catholic teachings, Kennedy noted.

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Wynne and lesbian spouse planned 'homophobia' smear on McNaughton

A staunchly outspoken critic of the Ontario Liberal government's sex-ed curriculum is not surprised by revelations that Premier Kathleen Wynne and her lesbian "spouse" Jane Rounthwaite strategized on how to depict him as "homophobic" - or that Rounthwaite called him a "Neanderthal."

"I think it's unprecedented for something like that to happen, but it doesn't surprise me. This premier's taken this to a very personal level," says MPP Monte McNaughton. "The people who are pushing for this are aggressive, they're outspoken and they're intolerant of different points of view."

McNaughton was referring to the controversial new sex-ed curriculum, which the Wynne Liberals will roll out in September in the province's publicly-funded schools despite widespread parental outcry and ongoing protests.

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Kathleen Wynne should reopen consultations on sex-ed curriculum

Ontario's sexual education reform has brought to the surface serious tensions between the province's diverse communities. Rather than dismissing these differences as personal choices, Premier Kathleen Wynne should take the hard road and facilitate an honest dialogue on inclusion that Ontarians badly need.

The premier's current response avoids dealing with the fundamental issue. The planned sex education reform is not simply about updating the health information given to students in today's cyberbullying and sexting age, as the government claims. The reality is that - like all education - sexual education establishes social norms and the current reform seeks to change what norms will be taught.

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Boy, 4, with gender identity issue focus of custody battle

It used to be an issue buried deep in the closet.

But a judge has refused to seal a court file involving an ugly custody fight over a little boy who favours "sparkly pink shoes" because it highlighted questions that have garnered a lot of attention and discussion.

"The issue of whether, and to what degree, it is appropriate that parents influence the gender identity of one of their children is a matter of public interest," ruled Ontario Superior Court Justice Douglas Gray. "The open court principle would suggest that the processes of the court should be open to the extent possible to allow the public to see how that debate plays out in the court system."

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BC: Sex cards used by "gay, bi and queer men (...) in bars and bathhouses" given to Grade 8, 9 students

Grade 8 and 9 students at a Chilliwack, BC school were accidentally given "inappropriate" sex education material as part of a guest speaker's presentation on healthy relationships.

Chuck Lawson, the principal of C.H.A.N.C.E. Alternative School, apologized after parents complained about the "sex cards" in their children's take-home bags.

The cards define sexual acts from A to Z, using slang and graphic descriptions.

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Convicted sex offender Graham James pleads guilty to abusing a third hockey player

Convicted sex offender Graham James pleaded guilty Friday to more charges involving a player who described the former junior hockey coach as his tormentor and his demon.

Justice Tim Keene accepted a joint submission from the Crown and defence that called for two years to be added onto the five-year sentence James is almost finished serving on other charges.

The 62-year-old appeared in a Saskatchewan courtroom via video link from a prison in Quebec to enter his plea.

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Ontario government launches sex-ed ad campaign

Ontario's controversial new sex-education curriculum has spawned a government advertising campaign.

"It's a sign that we understand that there's a lot of misinformation out there," Education Minister Liz Sandals said Tuesday. "This is a case where there's enough misinformation out there that we believe that we actually need to get more accurate information into the public discussion."

The government has budgeted about $1.8 million for the campaign - radio and print ads that run through July, and online search and social media ads through June.

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LifeSite threatened with a lawsuit over sex-ed expose

I'm not trying to alarm you, but we have just been threatened with another lawsuit - this time by Ontario's Peel District School Board!

Earlier this year we reported on a conference hosted by a gay rights group, where two lesbian teachers from the board described in detail how they promote homosexuality and gay 'marriage' to students, starting in kindergarten.

One of these teachers even explained how she "hides" these pro-gay lessons in math class, so that when parents complain, she can claim she was simply teaching their children about "division"! (See our coverage in question here and here.)

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Bill 77, the Affirming Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Act, is a dangerous overreach

The toddler - "Chris," not her real name - was only two years old when she told her parents, "I am a boy." They weren't alarmed at first, but as her fixed idea persisted, concern set in. When, age seven, Chris punched her vagina in anger, they sought family therapy at CAMH's Child, Youth and Family Program's Gender Identity Service (GIS).

Dr. Ken Zucker, Clinical Lead at the GIS, and acknowledged as one of the world's foremost authorities in this domain, supervised and participated in Chris's therapy, which was intense and protracted. But by age 11 Chris voluntarily identified as female, grew out her cropped hair and asked for girl clothes. Now 19, her mind and body remain in sync.

Chris's parents feel immense gratitude to Dr. Zucker for sparing their daughter a lifetime of hormone treatments, and possibly major surgery. They also feel lucky in their timing.

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University Academics Say Pedophilia Is 'Natural, And Normal For Males To Be Aroused By Children'

An academic conference held at the University of Cambridge last July was told that pedophilia interest is "natural and normal for males", and that "at least a sizable minority of normal males would like to have sex with children, and normal males are aroused by children."

The conference took place last year to discuss the classification of sexuality in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), the standard international psychiatric manual used by the legal system.

The American Psychiatric Association (APA), which produces it, had been locked in battle over whether hebephilia should be included as a disorder. The proposal arose because children are going through puberty at a younger age and the current definition of pedophilia - attraction to pre-pubescent children - was missing ever more young people.

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Ben Levin: Child pornography charges were the least of it

On Friday, former Ontario deputy minister of education, Ben Levin, was sentenced to three years in the penitentiary. In March, Levin pleaded guilty to one count each of possessing child pornography, making child pornography, and counselling the commission of a sexual assault. Four other child porn related charges were withdrawn by the Crown.

At the time of his arrest in July 2013, Levin was a world renowned expert in childhood education and was a professor of education at the University of Toronto. At one time he held the position of deputy minister of education in Manitoba.

According to the Agreed Statement of Facts [PDF], read in to support his guilty pleas, Levin often frequented Internet chatrooms involving teens and incest. He told others of his interests in having sex with children.

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