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Freedom of Speech

Questions raised after pro-life activist Twitter accounts suspended without warning: one now restored

A pro-life activist campaigning against Liberal leader Justin Trudeau's abortion extremism as well as a pro-life organization on a mission to show the violent reality of abortion through large graphic billboards had their Twitter accounts "permanently suspended" weeks apart after the social media giant said they were both violating rules regarding "harassment and abuse."

Alissa Golob of Campaign Life Coalition, who helped run the "no2Trudeau Campaign," told LifeSiteNews there was no warning when her account with about 4,000 followers was suddenly suspended last week right while she was composing a tweet.

"One minute I was tweeting and the next minute my twitter was suspended with no warning," she said. "So in one fell swoop everything is gone with no warning."

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Saskatoon postal workers refuse to deliver pro-life letters: no repercussions

Saskatoon postal workers who objected to delivering postcards linking Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau to the bloody results of abortion-on-demand will be spared disciplinary action by co-workers who will do their jobs for them.

Most of the 1 million postcards in the ambitious No2Trudeau campaign were hand-delivered without Canada Post's help, the Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform's Jonathon van Maren told LifeSiteNews, "but wherever our volunteers couldn't reach on foot, where the mailboxes were locked or in apartment buildings, we put the postcards in white envelopes and mailed them."

This week, that approach ran into trouble from members of the Saskatoon local branch of the Canada Union of Postal Workers, who claimed they were upset at the grisly subject matter, or so reported that city's news media. Van Maren, however, thinks "this is something concocted by the media. The first reporters who called me on it didn't have single quote from an actual postal worker, and a late story I read had just that, a reference to 'at least one mail carrier' being upset. You know that if there had been more than one, the story would have said so."

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Rally against sex-ed curriculum about the kids, not politics

It was Fatima Ali's first protest.

She's not homophobic, not concerned Premier Kathleen Wynne is a lesbian, and she's not a Conservative.

In fact, in the last election, she voted for Wynne.

"I supported her," Ali said.

Not anymore.

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Peaceful pro-life prisoner Mary Wagner freed after seven months in jail

Canadian pro-life prisoner of conscience Mary Wagner was released from Vanier Centre for Women Saturday, July 25 after seven months in jail.

"Of course, I'm pleased to be out," the 41-year-old told LifeSiteNews in a telephone interview, taking time from sorting through all the gifts and cards from supporters that were forbidden to her while in jail. "I'm thankful for the prayers and support."

Wagner says she plans to visit her parents in BC, and to write an open letter to supporters to express her thanks and her thoughts, similar to one she wrote from jail for the 2015 March for Life in Ottawa. That one was dedicated to her and fellow Canadian pro-life prisoner of conscience Linda Gibbons. Her letter, read to the estimated 25,000 people gathered on Parliament Hill for the May 14 event, is published by LifeSiteNews here.

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Woman throws molotov cocktail at pro-life activists outside Planned Parenthood

Last night at an Austin Planned Parenthood abortion facility, a woman threw a Molotov cocktail (a type of homemade bomb) at a group of Central Texas Coalition for Life prayer volunteers. One of the volunteers was able to quickly stomp out the flame and save the group from any danger. The group was able to record the woman's license plate number and turn that information over to the police. Police did arrest the woman who threw the bomb directly at the prayer volunteers.

Central Texas Coalition for Life Executive Director Heather Gardner responded last night. "We are so thankful that none of our courageous volunteers were injured during the incident. Because of their quick actions, the woman responsible was apprehended and will be held accountable."

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