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'Son of God' Producer Mark Burnett and Actress Roma Downey discuss their upcoming film about the life of Jesus.

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Shocking before-and-after photos show how Syrian government 'wiped entire neighbourhoods off the map'

BEIRUT - The Syrian government used controlled explosives and bulldozers to raze thousands of residential buildings, in some cases entire neighbourhoods, in a campaign that appeared designed to punish civilians sympathetic to the opposition or to cause disproportionate harm to them, an international human rights group said Thursday.

The demolitions took place between July 2012 and July 2013 in seven pro-opposition districts in and around the capital, Damascus, and the central city of Hama, according to a 38-page report by Human Rights Watch. The New York-based group said the deliberate destruction violated international law, and called for an immediate end to the practice.

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Quebec one step closer to euthanasia after Bill 52 passes 2nd reading

QUEBEC, October 29, 2013 ( - The Quebec government is one step closer to decriminalizing euthanasia as "medical aid in dying" after Bill 52 passed its second reading today with an 84 to 26 "vote in principle" at the National Assembly, with none abstaining.

"Quebec does not have the jurisdiction to do what they're saying they’re going to do,"  Alex Schadenberg, Executive Director of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition told  "They're talking about legalizing euthanasia redefined as 'medical treatment' but in fact it is part of the Criminal Code.”

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Texas' landmark pro-life bill in court today: Planned Parenthood challenging key portions

Jan. 6, 2014 (TexasRighttoLife) - A three-judge panel of the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit is hearing arguments today for and against key provisions of House Bill 2, the new pro-life law passed by the Texas legislature during the second special session last year.  After the bill passed, Federal District Judge Lee Yeakel (Austin) sided with the abortion plaintiffs by ruling that two provisions of House Bill 2 were unconstitutional.

The three-judge panel, drawn at random by the court, will consider arguments from both the Office of Attorney General Greg Abbott and the plaintiffs, who include abortion businesses Planned Parenthood and Whole Woman's Health.

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Defund Abortion rallies sweep the nation, with more to come

October 4, 2013 ( – Pro-life activists across the country held rallies Thursday calling on provincial governments to end taxpayer funding of abortion.

The national initiative, organized by Campaign Life Coalition, aimed to raise Canadians’ attention to the $80 million the provinces spend every year on a highly-controversial medically-unnecessary procedure.

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A&E reinstates Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson: GLAAD furious

Dec. 30, 2013 ( - The show will go on. In a statement released Friday, A&E announced that they have lifted their short-lived and wildly unpopular suspension of Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson, which was prompted by an interview Robertson gave to GQ Magazine in which he had criticized homosexuality.

"After discussions with the Robertson family, as well as consulting with numerous advocacy groups, A&E has decided to resume filming 'Duck Dynasty' later this spring with the entire Robertson family," the release stated.

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Have Islamist jihadis declared world war?

September 2001 may have shocked the world as we helplessly witnessed the birth of jihadi terror, but September 2013 reminds us that even after a dozen years spending a trillion dollars, we are no closer to defeating the enemy than we were on that dark day in New York City when the Twin Towers fell.

In the same week as Somali jihadi terrorists in Nairobi, Kenya slaughtered non-Muslims, their brothers were on a killing spree elsewhere. They blew up a church full of parishioners in Peshawar, Pakistan, took hostages in Mindanao, Philippines, exploded bombs at a funeral in Baghdad, and attacked the Nigerian capital of Abuja. In Syria, gruesome acts of barbarism in the name of Islam continued unabated.

Their names may be different, their locations far apart, but the doctrine that binds them is the same — jihad.

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Islamic jihad murderer who beheaded British soldier on London street says "my religion is everything"

Surely David Cameron is on his way right now to see Mujahid Abu Hamza, formerly known as Michael Adebolajo, in order to explain to this jihadi killer that he is actually a Misunderstander of Islam, and that his murder of Lee Rigby had nothing whatsoever to do with Islam.

"Religion 'everything': hacking accused," by Margaret Davis and Jamie Grierson for AAP, December 9:

ONE of the men accused of murdering British soldier Lee Rigby has told a jury "my religion is everything". 

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Terrorists Target Christians in Nairobi Mall, Killing More Than 60 Shoppers

AsiaNews reports several al Shabaab terrorists committed suicide after holding non-Muslim hostages inside the mall for two days. But CNN reports the hostage situation has come to a close with a minimal number of militants still inside. Authorities had sealed off the mall exits to prevent escape.

David Kimaiyo, Inspector General of Kenya's police, tweeted this morning, "Our Multi-Agencies have gunned down 2 & injured several others. I commend the officers for their bravery & the public for its calmness. IG."

According to the Kenya Red Cross, the official death toll at the Westgate Mall is 62 and 175 people have been injured.

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Why being a Christian could be the most dangerous identity to hold in the world today

There are many reasons why it is hard to see Christians as the world's most aggrieved victims: there are 2.2. billion Christians worldwide, far too numerous to be vulnerable; Christians themselves, rightly or wrongly, are still perceived as history's great persecutors. Today, everyone knows a church in Iraq or in Egypt might be attacked with lives lost but those are thought to be isolated incidents brought on by radical Islam. John Allen, the highly esteemed veteran Vatican-based journalist for the National Catholic Reporter, believes this attitude is toxic. In his new book, The Global War on Christians, he makes a compelling case that the most dangerous identity to hold in the world today is that of a Christian. The violence comes from radical Islam but also from radical Hindus and Buddhists as well as the Mafia in Italy and drug lords in Colombia: There have been more Christian martyrs in the 20th century than in the 1,900 years that came before, notes Mr. Allen, author of numerous books on the Catholic Church. The estimates of fatalities today range form 9,000 to 100,000 a year. But even at 9,000, he added, that is one Christian murdered every hour. Religion reporter Charles Lewis spoke to Mr. Allen about what brought him to tackle this subject now.

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Matthew Fisher: It’s open season on Christians in Syria and across the Muslim world

It seemed this weekend as if it was open season on Christians across the Muslim world.

Seventy-eight Christians were slaughtered Sunday by twin suicide bombers at a church where I have attended services several times myself in Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad.

Less than 24 hours earlier a gang of Islamic militants from Somalia murdered at least 68 workers and shoppers, including two Canadians, at a mall in Kenya, allegedly shouting for Muslims to get out of the way so they could specifically kill Christians.

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Christianity arguably the most persecuted religion in the world

Earlier this month, Christians who are free to observe their faith gathered in churches around the world for the annual International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church. They recited pre-written invocations for fellow Christians who face violence and oppression.

Maybe pew-bound Christians should instead heed the sentiments of escaped American slave Frederick Douglass: "I prayed for 20 years but received no answer until I prayed with my legs."

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"Maalula, city of culture and history, welcomes you," reads a sign at the entrance to Syria's best known Christian town. But any semblance of welcome evaporates once inside Maalula. The army is fighting an invisible enemy, and an AFP team narrowly escaped sniper fire.

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Morgentaler’s lawyer attacks proposed Christian law school for 'silly' and 'perverse' beliefs

LANGLEY, British Columbia, November 5, 2013 ( - A prominent constitutional and civil rights lawyer known for his work on behalf of arch-abortionist Henry Morgentaler has denounced as "perverse" and "silliness" the Christian beliefs of Trinity Western University (TWU), which has a pending application for accreditation as Canada's first Christian law school. In particular, Toronto lawyer Clayton Ruby singled out the school's community covenant that requires students to reserve "sexual intimacy" for the "sacredness of marriage between a man and a woman," something he suggested is "illegal" because it would curtail homosexual sex.

TWU President Bob Kuhn has shot back, calling Ruby's "absurd" and "defamatory" in a response.

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Sentenced to death for a sip of water

To her neighbors, Aasiya Noreen “Asia” Bibi, a poor mother of five in the tiny village of Ittan Wali in central Pakistan, was guilty — guilty of being Christian in a nation that is 97% Muslim. For four years she has languished in a prison cell for this, facing death by hanging. Her new memoir, “Blasphemy,” was dictated to her husband from jail, who relayed it to French journalist Anne-Isabelle Tollet. Fifty percent of the proceeds the book will go to support Bibi and her family. Tollet says the situation is dire. Embarrassed by Bibi’s case but still refusing to release her because of angry protests by extremists, the Pakistan government has transferred her to a more remote prison, hoping the 42-year-old dies quietly behind bars, perhaps poisoned by another inmate. Already two government officials who have spoken out on her behalf have been murdered, including Minister for Minorities Shahbaz Bhatti, who was killed by the Taliban. In this excerpt, Bibi explains the simple “transgression” that led to her plight.

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