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Patrick Brown Became Leader Under False Pretenses

Patrick Brown campaigned to become leader on a pro-family platform, promising to protect children from the radical sex education curriculum of Kathleen Wynne. Thousands believed him, signed up as members, paid the fee and voted for him in May last year. The very next month Mr. Brown reversed his position and marched in the Pride Parade supporting the curriculum. With another election looming September 1st, Leader Brown switched again, writing a letter to constituents affirming his original position of "scrapping" the controversial curriculum. The wind started blowing in his face so Leader Brown now says his letter was a mistake and he in fact does support Wynne's Curriculum.

It is always sad to see a politician be deceitful, but it is especially troubling when he is so brazen that he will flip four times on the same issue. Parents have been used, deceived and betrayed. For the sake of our children Patrick Brown must step down and allow a principled, trustworthy person to lead the party.

For more information go to recallbrown.ca
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