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Canadian Values

Rainbow flag raised at City Hall

Mayor John Tory will be raising the rainbow flag at City Hall on Monday to launch Toronto's Pride Week.

Tory, councillors, the Pride Week co-chairs and members of the public will all be on City Hall's green roof at noon to raise the flag and then take part in a barbecue.

The Pride flag raising - which was often a controversial event during former mayor Rob Ford's tenure - is the first one for Tory since he took office last December. Ford refused to take part in the Pride parade during his four years in the mayor's office.

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Toronto hosting orgy for the disabled this summer, courtesy of Canadian taxpayers

Canadian taxpayers are helping to foot the bill for a mass orgy for the disabled this August - dubbed a 'world first' - where people in wheelchairs can engage in acts of "sex and nudity" so that their "desires can be fulfilled and fantasies can be explored."

An entrance fee of $20 brings the disabled person into an atmosphere where one can "indulge in their fantasies, enjoy intimacy with their partner and socialize with like-minded individuals." The theatre hosting the event has room for 125 people.

The orgy, titled "Deliciously Disabled," is planned for August 14, two days before the end of the Parapan American Games, which are being held this year in Toronto. To raise awareness of the event, artist Brent Ray Fraser has filmed himself painting a "#DeliciouslyDisabled" sign using his male reproductive organ.

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The lies you were taught about the sexual revolution... that you still don't know were lies

"The most effective way to destroy people," George Orwell once noted, "is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history." In today's culture, knowledge of history is, itself, fast becoming history.

Late-night hosts sometimes make comedic hay of this growing cultural Alzheimer's by asking people in the street mundane questions such as "Who were our allies in World War II?" to hilariously cringe-worthy responses. But there is a distinctly unfunny side to our forgetfulness. We are very much at risk, as the old saying goes, not just of repeating history because we have forgotten it, but of repeating it without even being aware that we are repeating it.

It was this point that veteran Canadian journalist and author Ted Byfield emphasized over and over when I spoke with him some time ago. "We are swiftly abandoning many of the fundamental social and moral principles upon which our civilization is based," he said. "That is, we're zealously cutting off the branch we're sitting on... very few people, whether educated or uneducated, know where those principles came from, and how we came to embrace them. We are dangerously ignorant of our own heritage and history."

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UN report calls for LGBT rights, leaves out same-sex 'marriage'

A UN report seeking to break new ground for "LGBT rights" left same-sex "marriage" out of a long list of special new rights on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.

The UN human rights office published its latest collection of UN expert opinions about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights last week in Geneva. The update highlights the achievements of the LGBT lobby while playing down opposing trends.


UN agencies are "increasingly integrating issues of sexual orientation and gender identity into their programmatic work," it states.

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Canadian gvmt intervenes on behalf of Christian law school in religious freedom battle

The Attorney General of Canada has intervened on Trinity Western University's behalf in its legal dispute with the Law Society of Upper Canada over TWU's proposed law school.

At the heart of the issue is TWU's controversial community covenant, requiring all students and staff to live according to Christian moral teachings, including abstaining from sexual intimacy outside of heterosexual marriage.

The federal AG agrees with the Law Society of Upper Canada's motives but argues that in its efforts to prevent future discrimination against homosexuals it is itself discriminating now against a whole class of people-evangelical Christians who would like to attend TWU's law school and practice law in Ontario.

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Ontario New Democrat invokes Pope Francis at protest pushing sex-ed - but aide can't explain why

Dressed in clerics and holding a rainbow-colored flag, NDP MPP Cheri DiNovo showed up at the June 7 sex-ed rally claiming she was there to show support for LGBTQ children, and that there are "six-year-old gays, lesbians and trans" children.

The United Church minister who self-identifies as a "queer woman" and is MPP for Parkdale-High Park sponsored Bill 77, banning reparative therapy for minors and declassifying it as an insurable medical service under OHIP. Bill 77 passed on June 4.

DiNovo, who said the majority of United Church members supported the Liberal government's sex-ed curriculum, told reporters at the rally that children should know "it's okay to be gay."

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Muslims Demand That 'Offensive' Crosses Be Removed... From CATHOLIC School

A complaint that says crosses at Catholic school are "offensive", and prevent Muslim prayers, has been filed against Catholic University in Washington, D.C.

It is only the latest in an endless series of demands for Sharia Law adherence by Muslims in America.

The complaint to the Washington, D.C. Office of Human Rights, filed by a leftist professor from rival George Washington University, says there are "too many crosses in every room of Catholic University" which is a "human rights violation that prevents Muslim students from praying there."

As Belief Net reported, GWU Law School Professor John Banzhaf takes the Catholic institution to task for acting "probably with malice" against Muslim students in a 60-page complaint that cites "offensive" Catholic imagery all over the Catholic school, which he says hinder Muslims from praying.

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Christian school asks tribunal to reverse ruling against law school grads

Trinity Western University finished its appeal of the Law Society of Upper Canada's decision to ban TWU law graduates, urging the Ontario review court to overrule the ban rather than order the society to reconsider it.

TWU lawyer Robert Staley argued that the LSUC had proven itself too biased to be trusted by completely ignoring the 2001 Supreme Court of Canada decision in TWU's favour in a virtually identical case. It likewise ignored TWU's religious rights under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, in deciding to ban TWU grads.

The Law Society of Upper Canada is one of three provincial legal bodies - Nova Scotia's and British Columbia's law societies are the others - that decided last year to not recognize graduates of TWU's proposed law school because the school requires all students follow Christian rules of conduct, including refraining from extra-marital and homosexual relations.

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Michael Coren leaves Catholic Church for Anglican Communion over gay 'marriage'

Last July Michael Coren, a Catholic columnist, speaker, and writer of books such as Why Catholics are Right, stated in a column he would "die for my faith." Last month he revealed his formal reception into the Anglican Communion, a transition he said he had secretly made a year ago, because he could no longer hold the "Catholic position on same-sex marriage."

"I could not remain in a church that effectively excluded gay people," he told the National Post on May 1. "I felt a hypocrite being part of a church that described homosexual relations as being disordered and sinful. I just couldn't be part of it anymore."

"I couldn't look people in the eye and make the argument that is still so central to the Catholic Church, that same-sex attraction is acceptable but to act on it is sinful. I felt that the circle of love had to be broadened, not reduced," he said.

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Franklin Graham: Same-Sex Marriage Cost Canada Its Freedoms; Expect the Same in the US

Freedom of speech, press, and religion "have suffered greatly" in Canada since it began federally mandating same-sex marriage in 2005, the Rev. Franklin Graham warns even as the U.S. Supreme Court is considering its legalization.

"[In Canada] If you say or write anything questioning same-sex marriage, you could face discipline, termination of employment, or prosecution by the government!" Graham, who leads the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, wrote on his Facebook page on Friday.

"We need to realize that if our Supreme Court makes same-sex marriage the law in the United States, we will be in the same boat," he added, asking, "Will the next step be to ban us from speaking God's truth from His Word about this issue?"

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Rob Ford says controversial sex ed curriculum makes him "sick"

Rob Ford (open Rob Ford's policard)'s children could soon be among thousands staying home from school in protest of Ontario's new sexual education curriculum, if his comments in a new interview are any indication.

In the YouTube interview with broadcaster Ezra Levant posted Thursday, the former Toronto mayor said the controversial curriculum makes him "sick."

"I have two kids... My one in Grade 2 and my other one in Grade 4 should not be talking about what anal sex is or what a blowjob is," said the former mayor, now city councillor for Ward 2 in Etobicoke. "This is what they're teaching these kids. I'm sorry, that makes me sick. I told my kids, if they start talking like that - walk out."

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Mississauga church defilement runs deeper than hate

Vandalism is violation.

Never more so than when splattered against institutions of faith: churches, synagogues, mosques, cemeteries.

Inane, most of the time, and ignorant; the work of small minds and malicious hearts. It's like spitting in someone's mouth.

Why St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church in Mississauga has been targeted - twice defaced last week, three times since April 19 - is a mystery. Peel Police have made no arrests and, being Peel - with a long-standing aversion to disclosing information when reporters call - the status of their investigation is unknown, except that the attack is being treated as a hate crime.

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Omar Khadr freed on bail

A judge on Thursday granted convicted terrorist Omar Khadr permission to live with his lawyer pending his appeal in the U.S.

Judge June Ross approved bail for Khadr last month, but the federal government swept in and appealed the decision.

The government argued granting bail could harm Canada-U.S. relations by flouting an international prisoner transfer agreement.

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B.C. Human Rights Tribunal to consider striking gender designation from birth certificates

After successfully lobbying provincial and federal governments to make it easier to amend sex designations on key identity documents, transgender Canadians are now pushing for another change: to abolish gender references altogether from birth certificates.

The B.C. Human Rights Tribunal has agreed to review complaints filed by the Trans Alliance Society and a handful of transgender and intersex individuals, who argue that doctors should stop assigning the sex of a baby based on a quick inspection of the baby's genitals at birth when there's a possibility they may identify under a different gender, or no gender, years later.

"Birth certificates (may) give false information about people and characterize them in a way that is actually wrong, that assumes to be right, and causes people... actual harm," said Morgane Oger, a transgender woman in Vancouver and chair of the society.

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Thousands of kids stay home to boycott Wynne's sex ed: one school nearly emptied

A week-long boycott of Ontario schools by parents enraged at the Liberal government's planned fall rollout of a radical sex-ed curriculum appears to be a resounding success.

Billed as a strike, the sex-ed protest also generated enormous media buzz on day one, with the Toronto Star, CP24, the CBC, Toronto Sun, CTV, and Global News reporting that elementary school attendance in Toronto's public schools dropped 144 percent this Monday from the previous week.

That's an estimated 35,000 students pulled from Toronto's public schools.

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