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Victim helped convict first pimp of human trafficking in Toronto

Over the phone from an Ontario town, her voice breaks as she struggles to make you understand what she can't understand herself.

How did she let herself be so easily manipulated by Tyrone Burton? How was she so blind and so naive that within hours of getting off that bus in Toronto, she let him sell her body to strange men?

We'll call her Carolyn - "Name me something pretty," she asked - because her real identity is covered by a court-imposed publication ban. With the help of her testimony, Burton last year became the first pimp convicted of human trafficking in Toronto.

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Tory prostitution bill gets Senate approval

A Conservative bill aimed at restricting the sex trade and discouraging prostitution has passed the Senate, leaving it one step away from becoming law despite warnings it will endanger sex workers and could ultimately be found unconstitutional.

Bill C-36, passed Tuesday, was tabled after the Supreme Court struck down Canada's prostitution laws in its Bedford ruling last December. The court found the laws violated sex workers' Charter rights to safety, and gave the government one year to put in place new laws.

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Prostitution prosecutions in flux across Canada after 2013 Supreme Court ruling created 'legal vacuum'

In New Brunswick, authorities have largely stopped prosecuting prostitution-related crimes. In Alberta, they are prosecuting to the full extent of the law. In Ontario and B.C., it could go either way, depending.

The Supreme Court of Canada decision that struck down parts of Canada's prostitution laws, but suspended its judgment for a year to let Ottawa come up with a new legislative umbrella, has left the country with a myriad of approaches to prostitution. Several provinces, in fact, haven't yet figured what their approach will be, leaving local authorities to figure it out as they go.

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'Famous' dominatrix kicked out of Senate hearing after threatening to expose politicians who hire prostitutes

Canada's 'most famous dominatrix' booted from prostitution-law hearings

The controversial, leather-clad woman at the heart of the effort to rewrite Canada's prostitution laws delivered an unexpected whip-crack of drama Wednesday among the buttoned-down senators examining Bill C-36.

Terri-Jean Bedford, who calls herself "the most famous dominatrix in Canada," threatened to expose politicians who supposedly avail themselves of the world's oldest profession.

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'Criminalize purchase of sex': Christian group calls Canadian government to end prostitution

OTTAWA, December 12, 2013 ( - Canada's largest group of Evangelical Christians has proposed a way for the federal government to practically end prostitution, namely by following the Nordic model that makes it a crime to pay money to use a woman sexually.

"A change in law that criminalizes the purchase of sexual services will help reshape attitudes about prostitution, making a stronger statement that in Canada we will not tolerate or condone sexual exploitation," said Don Hutchinson, Evangelical Fellowship of Canada's (EFC) Vice-President and General Legal Counsel.

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