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Freedom of Speech

Tory leadership candidate Maxime Bernier would allow abortion debate

Conservative leadership candidate Maxime Bernier says he'd re-open the abortion debate as leader if that is what his members want.

But Bernier, a former cabinet minister dubbed "Mad Max" by his colleagues for his ardent advocacy of small government and libertarianism, has also consistently voted pro-abortion according to the dossier carefully kept by Campaign Life Coalition.

"I don't know what to make of it," admitted the CLC's Mary Ellen Douglas. "But reopening the debate is what's needed. We have to get people talking about this. A hundred thousand innocent human beings are being killed every year but we are supposed to go mute when it is brought up."

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U of T tells prof to stop fighting transgender pronouns, but he won't back down

University of Toronto psychology professor Jordan Peterson told LifeSiteNews Wednesday night he has no intention of obeying a directive in the University of Toronto's "cease and desist" letter to stop talking and blogging about transgender pronouns.

"No I'm bloody well not giving in," he said. "The bloody cowards. I'm very disappointed with the University of Toronto for not standing up for free speech but it's not unexpected. I guess they don't think it's very important. The university is dead."

Peterson went on the warpath two weeks ago against what he called "totalitarian" federal and provincial legislation and human rights regulations requiring institutions and companies to ensure their employees address students, staff and the public with the pronouns appropriate to the gender of their choice. But he said he would use the pronouns with his students called for by their biological sex.

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Rejected by student government, Brandon University pro-life group sues

Pro-life students at Brandon University are suing their student government for denying them club status on the grounds that their displays are "intimidating" and the abortion issue is already adequately covered by pro-abortion groups.

"Every organization is required by law to obey its own bylaws," said John Carpay of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, which is assisting the Brandon University Students for Life. "The student union's own bylaws commit it to protect freedom of expression and yet here it is denying club status to the Students for Life solely on the grounds of ideology."

Anastasia Pearse, executive director of National Campus Life Network, called it "unacceptable" that Brandon's pro-life students had to go to court "to ensure they can enjoy the same freedoms as their peers on campus." Pearse noted that pro-life students on four other Canadian university campuses are currently embroiled in similar court cases.

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Abortion activists vandalize memorial for aborted babies with condoms, graffiti

Supporters of abortion vandalized a new memorial for the unborn victims of abortion in Guelph on Sunday, spraying graffiti and dropping condoms on it. The incident occurred after a protest on Friday.

The memorial, which is nearing completion, is a "Garden of Grace" erected by pro-life advocates beside the city's landmark Basilica of Our Lady.

Sometime after Sunday morning Mass, vandals painted pro-abortion slogans on the newly installed flagstones such as "Condom not Condemn," and draped the area where a gazebo will soon be built with condoms and used tampons.

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Pro-lifers: Alberta town banned our parade float over its message

An Alberta pro-life group is crying foul after town officials denied them entry into the town's centennial parade earlier this month, just moments before the parade was to begin. The pro-lifers say that town officials disagreed with the group's pro-life stance.

"It was because we were pro-life. That's what it boiled down to," Wes Wierenga, president of Pembina Pro-Life Society, told LifeSiteNews. The society aims to "promote respect for life from the moment of conception to natural death."

"Town officials were first trying to tell us that our float did not fit the theme of the event, which was the 100th anniversary of Westlock. Well, we had a huge birthday cake with candles for our float," he said. "How more fitting can you get on an anniversary, because, if you don't have a birthday, how do you get an anniversary," he added.

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