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Freedom of Speech

Canadian man “committed to a mental hospital for expressing anger” on Twitter

On April 7, 2015 members of the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary attended at Mr. Abbass's home and detained him for an assessment under the MHCT Act. The motivation was concern over the content of certain tweets issued by Mr. Abbass on Twitter which potentially expressed anger relating to a recent shooting of an individual by a policeman. He was taken to the psychiatric unit at Western Memorial Hospital...

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These British Pastors Were Just Arrested For 'Challenging Muslims'

On Tuesday, two street preachers were convicted in England for engaging in a verbal skirmish last July in which they quoted the Bible to a crowd including Muslims and LGBT supporters.

The British magistrate convicted Michael Overd and Michael Stockwell of disorderly conduct and using "threatening and abusive words... likely to cause alarm." The men were both fined roughly $370 and ordered to pay a victim surcharge of $37. They'll also have to jointly pay court costs of over $4,000. A Criminal Order Behavior application will be made against Overd in May. The two men may face six months in jail.

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Free speech on the line

It's just not every day you hear someone openly talking about seizing control of institutions and changing the country.

But to fight "islamophobia" and "white supremacy" in a country where six innocent Muslim men were massacred in a mosque, social justice activist Syed Hassan raged to protesters at Saturday's anti-Trump protest at the U.S. Consulate on University Ave. about marshalling a movement to "become the enemy" by "sowing terror."

This is a time when Canada's free speech is both on display and being tested.

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Fake News Nazi Hunters

We've graduated from the era of fake news. Now, these useful idiots in the leftist lugenpresse are officially very fake news.

A couple days ago, The Rebel held a freedom rally in Toronto. Some context:

Canada's government, under feminist Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, has an MP from Pakistan who apparently misses her country of origin so much, she couldn't help herself from introducing a blasphemy motion. The parliamentary motion demands a "whole of government approach to eliminating Islamophobia" - without ever defining what that means.

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Trump supporter, free speech advocate pepper sprayed and punched at U.C. Berkeley demonstrations

A string of pro-Trump and free speech counter-protesters were battered this week by out-of-control mobs.

A man and a woman - both free speech advocates - allege they were assaulted Wednesday night amid nasty demonstrations near U.C. Berkeley.

Violent protests near U.C. Berkeley Wednesday night led to the cancellation of a Milo Yiannopoulos talk.

The free speech warrior was scheduled to give a lecture on "cultural appropriation" before university officials axed the Breitbart editor's appearance.

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