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Freedom of Religion

Christian law school's religious freedom 'must yield' to gay demands: Ontario appeals court

Trinity Western University promised to appeal today's decision of the Ontario Court of Appeal to allow the Ontario legal profession to exclude graduates from TWU's proposed law school.

In a case that pits core constitutional freedoms of religion, conscience, expression, and association against sexual expression, the appeal court backed the latter. Its ruling stated, "TWU can hold and promote its beliefs without acting in a manner that coerces others into forsaking their true beliefs in order to have an equal opportunity to a legal education. It is at that point that the right to freedom of religion must yield."

"This isn't just a loss for TWU," says Amy Robertson, a spokesperson for the private university. "This is a loss for all Canadians. Freedom of conscience and religion is the first of the fundamental freedoms mentioned in the Charter. It is deeply compromised by this decision, and everyone in Canada, religious or not, should be concerned. Canada is a diverse, pluralistic society, committed to living peacefully together even when we disagree. Many countries don't enjoy this privilege."

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Fined for praying Rosary, elderly Aussie pro-lifers will fight new buffer zone

The first pro-lifer fined by police in the Australian Capital District (ACT) for violating its new buffer zone designed to protect abortion clinic customers from pro-life messages, religious symbols or pamphlets says he won't pay the $750 and will see the police in court.

75-year-old Kerry Mellor, like the seven other Catholics warned away from the abortion facility in the ACT Health Building in downtown Canberra, carried no signs nor pamphlets aimed at pregnant women. Their crime was praying 15 decades of the Rosary, comprising 150 Hail Marys, and 15 Lords' Prayers interspersed with meditations on the lives of Jesus and Mary.

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Trudeau accused of 'radical secularism' over apparent plan to shutter religious freedom office

Catholic and Evangelical Protestant organizations are raising the alarm over the Trudeau government's apparent intention to eliminate both the Office of Religious Freedom and the ambassadorship attached to it.

Responding to recent comments from Foreign Affairs Minister Stephane Dion that having an office exclusively for religious freedom would detract from Canada's overall human rights thrust internationally, both the Catholic Civil Rights League and the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada have sent Dion and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau open letters asking him to sustain funding for the office and Ambassador Andrew Bennett's position when it runs out this month.

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John Kasich pans religious liberty laws: 'What the Hell are we doing?'

Kasich said on Sunday he "probably" wouldn't sign a bill keeping men out of women's restrooms. He said in February that Christian business owners shouldn't have the same rights as churches when it comes to declining participation in same-sex "weddings."

Gov. Bryant and others say religious liberty laws do not allow private businesses carte blanche to refuse services on the basis of sexual orientation.

They say the laws are designed to protect Christian photographers, florists, and bakers who have been fined or put out of business for refusing to take part in homosexual "wedding" ceremonies, although doing so would violate their deeply held beliefs.

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Thank God for the Voices of the Nations

The Bible was right.

Everything in darkness does come to light, while decisions by unelected bureaucrats are no exception to the rule. In an about-face that should have the whole city singing, "Hallelujah!" the Yonge-Dundas Square (YDS) board of Management has reversed their 2015 decision to ban Voices of the Nations (VOTN) from Toronto's public square. The board has directed a permit be granted to VOTN so that they can host a Christian concert come August of this year.

The city's struggle reads like the battle between David and Goliath. VOTN, an ecumenical Christian group, had been permitted use of public property since 2006 for their annual multi-denominational event that celebrates Christianity through peaceful praise and worship. Then in October of last year, the YDS management board said the group was guilty of proselytizing - something forbidden by city bylaw. But it was manager of events Natalie Belman's unorthodox definition of proselytizing that sparked outrage from well outside the city limits.

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