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Freedom of Religion

Father appeals ruling upholding forced LGBT indoctrination in Ontario schools

A father of two is appealing an Ontario judge's decision upholding the Hamilton Wentworth District School Board's refusal to disclose when morally sensitive subjects such as homosexuality and abortion are discussed.

Steve Tourloukis says the decision denied his parental rights, describing it as "a human rights disaster" and "systemic discrimination against Christians."

Tourloukis took the public school board to court in 2012 seeking an order that the board tell him in advance what his children will be taught about controversial subjects.

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Quebec bill would ban religion from private day cares

The Christian Legal Fellowship is warning that a bill before the Quebec legislature will ban religious instruction of any kind from private Christian, Muslim or Jewish day cares.

The CLF told the committee examining the proposed law for the provincial legislative assembly that the government's loss in the Supreme Court to Loyola High School in 2015 indicates this aspect of Bill 62 - the Religious Neutrality Act - is an unconstitutional infringement on the religious rights of parents.

"By... favouring non-belief," the CLF explains, "this bill undermines religious freedom."

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Christian homeschool group wins temporary injunction to stay open

An Alberta judge has granted a Christian homeschooling operation an injunction that temporarily voids NDP Minister of Education Dave Eggen's October 25 order to shut it down.

Court of Queen's Bench Justice E.J. Simpson's temporary injunction granted Friday allows Trinity Christian School and Wisdom Homeschooling Association to resume operations.

However, Simpson did not grant Trinity's request for an injunction to restore funding, but deferred that decision for a full hearing on January 5, 2017, Trinity's lawyer Jay Cameron told LifeSiteNews Friday night.

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Ontario's Liberal gvmt backs physicians' college in attack on conscience rights

Ontario's Liberal government is backing the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario in its unprecedented attack on doctors' religious and conscience rights.

The Liberal government has intervened on behalf of the CPSO in a lawsuit launched by five Christian doctors, who argue that the College's Professional Obligation and Human Rights Policy violates their Charter rights of religious freedom and conscience.

The CPSO policy, in effect since March 2015, compels doctors who oppose such practices as abortion, abortifacient contraception or euthanasia to refer patients who request these "medical services" to non-objecting, accessible colleagues.

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Alberta NDP gvmt closes down Christian home-schooling association

Alberta's largest Christian home-schooling association has been effectively shut down by the province's NDP government after it found what Education Minister David Eggen called a "fail[ure] to demonstrate accountability of funding received from the government of Alberta."

But the association is denying wrongdoing.

"WISDOM/Trinity has been shut down by AB Education. They announced this with a press release filled with partial truths amounting to calumny," the association stated in a press release on Tuesday.

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