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Ontario doctors fight law forcing them to help kill their patients

TORONTO, June 16, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) -- An Ontario policy that forces doctors to refer patients for euthanasia and abortion, even when it’s against their conscience or religion, was challenged in court this week.

Five Christian doctors and three doctors' groups argued in court that a policy from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) violates their Charter rights to freedom of conscience and religion. 

The Kathleen Wynne Liberal government intervened on behalf of the college.

The 2015 CPSO policy requires that doctors who object on religious or conscience grounds to providing certain medical "practices" -- notably abortion and euthanasia -- must give patients seeking these practices an effective referral. This means actively handing over a patient to another colleague who will do the job.

The policy also requires that doctors who do not want to be involved in killing their patients must do so in unspecified "emergency" situations.

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Canadian nurse forced out for refusing to participate in euthanasia

PALMER RAPIDS, Ontario, June 14, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) -- A Canadian nurse no longer has her job helping the sick and the elderly after she was told that she must either assist patients who wanted to kill themselves using the country’s new euthanasia law, or resign. 

Mary Jean Martin, a Registered Nurse who worked in middle-management as a Homecare Coordinator in Ontario, said she became a nurse in the late 1980s to help the "vulnerable and the struggling," not to be a link in a chain that would ultimately lead to a patient’s death. 

"Can you imagine being a nurse and being told that you have to help kill someone? That's so against the philosophy of nursing and it’s so against the heart of the healthcare person," she told LifeSiteNews in an exclusive interview. 

"We're not soldiers. We did not sign up to kill people. We are compassionate," she said. 

"After 30 years as a nurse these laws make me feel no longer proud of being either a health care professional in this country or Canadian citizen," she added. 

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Church urges Canada to get Christian pastor out of North Korean jail

Canadian citizen and Christian pastor Hyeon Soo Lim is still jailed in North Korea, and his church in Mississauga has called on Canada to get him out of that situation.

Pastor Lim was last seen and heard from when Canadian consular officials visited him on Dec. 18 after he was sentenced to life imprisonment in North Korea. He then disappeared.

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Body of Canadian killed fighting ISIS returned to Canada, mom says

The mother of a Canadian killed while fighting Islamic State militants in Syria said her heart was heavy as she put her hands on a casket containing the body of her son.

Tina Martino of Niagara Falls, Ont., says she has not yet been able to see the remains of her 24-year-old son, Nazzareno Tassone, because his casket was sealed when it arrived in Canada late Saturday night months after his death.

"As I lay my hands on the casket, sadness came over me," Martino said Sunday. "I'm still wondering, 'Is this my boy?"'

Tassone was killed on Dec. 21 in the city of Raqqa while fighting militants associated with the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, known as ISIL.

The young man had told his family that he was going to Iraq to teach English, but he secretly slipped into Syria to join forces with a U.S.-backed Kurdish group called the YPG.

The YPG told Tassone's family that his body was taken by ISIL militants, and wasn't recovered until May.

Martino said she still has doubts about the identity of the person in the casket because of a presumed error in an initial autopsy report she was sent -- it listed her son as having a different hair colour, being several inches taller than he was and more than a decade older.

Officials said they later confirmed the body was Tassone based on dental records.

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'Take my name off the list, I can't do any more': Some doctors backing out of assisted death

Some doctors who have helped the gravely ill end their lives are no longer willing to participate in assisted death because of emotional distress or fear of prosecution if their decisions are second-guessed, according to their colleagues.

In Ontario, one of the few provinces to track the information, 24 doctors have permanently been removed from a voluntary referral list of physicians willing to help people die. Another 30 have put their names on temporary hold.

While they do not have to give a reason, a small number have advised the province they now want "a reflection period to decide whether medical assistance in dying is a service they want to provide," according to a health ministry spokesman.

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Abortion was legalized in Canada 48 years ago. Today, thousands marched for life twenty years pro-life Canadians have marched upon the nation's capital city, demanding legal protection for pre-born children targeted by abortion. Today, thousands joined the annual National March for Life on Parliament Hill, letting the Prime Minister, MPs, and senators know that Canadians have not forgotten, and will never forget, the child in the womb.

"Human beings have human rights," Conservative Alberta MP Arnold Viersen told the crowd. "Human rights begin when the human being begins. Science tells us when the human being begins: human beings begin at conception. Therefore we must defend the human rights of all human beings."

The Justin Trudeau Liberal government says "this issue is settled and that we should go away," Conservative Manitoba MP Ted Falk pointed out.

"Well, Mr. Prime Minister, look out of your window, look down here. We will not go away. We will fight back against the attempts to silence us, we will keep this conversation alive, we will show that all life is inherently valuable . . . from conception until natural death, and we will do so in an honest and compassionate way."

The theme for today's March for Life is "Life, We stand on guard for Thee."

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Canadian minister calls limits on abortion 'gender-based violence,' gives $285,000 to Planned Parenthood

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's new minister for the status of women claimed last week that restrictions on abortion are "gender-based violence."

That has one critic saying Trudeau should fire Maryam Monsef if she doesn't resign for "such an irresponsible and indeed malicious statement."

But Campaign Life says the neophyte minister is faithfully parroting the abortion rhetoric of Trudeau Liberals and the United Nations.

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House of Commons passes anti-Islamophobia motion M-103

image from – The House of Commons has passed a Liberal backbencher’s motion calling on federal politicians to condemn Islamophobia.

The motion, known as M-103, became a matter of acrimonious debate, with opponents painting it as a slippery slope towards limiting freedom of speech and even bringing in Sharia law.

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Former Liberal minister urges government to drop 'Islamophobia' from motion

A Liberal-backed motion aimed at combating racism would have broader support if it didn't contain the word "Islamophobia," former justice minister Irwin Cotler argued Thursday as the Liberals and Conservatives butted heads over competing propositions.

But the Liberals stood firm in their support of the controversial motion, arguing publicly that removing that one word would water down the measure and diminish the fight against hatred and discrimination.

The motion, known as M-103, was debated Wednesday in the House of Commons amid controversy about fears expressed by a number of Conservative MPs, who say it could stifle legitimate debate about issues like sharia law and the niqab.

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Canada's Parliament wants to fight Islamophobia by killing free speech

Islamist terrorism may threaten the Western world, but Canada's Parliament is more concerned with Islamophobia.

Last month, Canadian lawmakers debated a motion put forward by a Liberal member of Parliament - part of the governing party - to condemn Islamophobia and study its effect on society. Though a number of Conservative MPs have pledged to vote against it later this year, the motion, M-103, is guaranteed to pass.

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An interfaith group is calling on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to defeat a private member's motion that condemns Islamophobia and calls on Parliament to develop a strategy to eliminate it.

David Nitkin and Tariq Khan, co-chairs of Muslim Jewish Dialogue of Toronto, wrote letters to Trudeau Feb. 7 saying motion M-103, which has not passed Parliament, and Petition E-411, which has, "are antithetical to the Canadian values we cherish."

"Like all religious groups, Muslims are already protected under our Charter of Rights and Freedoms and criminal law. They do not need a separate law which is supported by groups that have close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and in essence are trying to put in place a form of sharia blasphemy law," they state.

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BREAKING: Canadian gvmt pledges $650 million to increase abortion globally

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced today that Canada will spend $650 million in the next three years to increase access to abortion in developing countries.

Trudeau and International Development Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau made the announcement live on Facebook on International Women's Day.

The money is earmarked for sex education, increasing access to abortion, and contraception, according to Canadian Press.

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Canadian Federal employees must take and pass 'gender equality' test, or else...

Canada's federal public servants have three chances to pass a mandatory feminist "gender equality" course or face unspecified consequences.

LifeSiteNews has learned of a number of federal employees who fear that if they refuse to take the test, or outright fail it by not selecting the feminist-approved answers, they might be overlooked for promotion. Some fear they might even lose their jobs.

The gender-based analysis plus (GBA+) course was developed under Jean Chretien's Liberal government in 1995. Its purpose was to "advance gender equality in Canada" by helping government employees craft and implement "gender equality" policies, programs, and legislation.

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M-103 protests: Violence breaks out as supporters, critics of motion condemning Islamophobia clash

There were some tense moments in the streets of Montreal as supporters and opponents of a House of Commons motion condemning Islamophobia clashed.

Two protests were held in Montreal, one consisting of supporters of a motion before Parliament that condemns Islamophobia, the other by critics of the motion.

Despite police efforts to keep the two sides apart, some scuffles occurred between the two sides as tempers flared.

A similar protest took place in front of Toronto city hall, where some counter-protesters were escorted away by Toronto police. Photos show police tackling one protester to the ground.

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Canadian Senate to consider bill making spanking a crime

A bill to criminalize spanking will return to the floor of the Canadian Senate in late February.

If S-206 passes, it will go to the House of Commons, where the Liberal majority has pledged its support.

The bill's original sponsor, Senator Celine Hervieux-Payette, believes that spanking harms children's psyches.

But those who believe disciplining children with spanking should be an option for parents are worried that their actions could lead to criminal charges against parents and child seizures by the government.

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