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Wynne's policies cost Ontario jobs

Premier Kathleen Wynne keeps hearing the same thing from business leaders ranging from Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne to the Ontario Chamber of Commerce.

They're all warning her that the cost of doing business in Ontario is becoming prohibitive because of the added costs being imposed on them by her government.

According to the Liberals' own estimates, Wynne's decision to create a new Ontario pension plan and introduce cap-and-trade carbon pricing, will cost businesses and workers up to $5.5 billion annually.

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Liberal Party of Canada statement on the nuclear deal with Iran

Liberal Foreign Affairs Critic, Marc Garneau, issued the following statement on the announcement of a deal limiting Iranian nuclear activity:

"The Liberal Party of Canada welcomes this significant agreement with Iran limiting Iranian nuclear activity. We commend the P5 + 1 nations for this achievement. We believe in the importance of a diplomatic solution while ensuring Iran cannot build a nuclear weapon.

"As President Obama stated, this agreement is built on verification, not trust. The Liberal Party of Canada agrees with Canada's allies, including the United States, with respect to containing Iran's nuclear capabilities.

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Kathleen Wynne's TVO cameo fades to black

It seemed like a good idea at the time: A documentary for TVO showing Kathleen Wynne behind the scenes - unguarded, unvarnished, uncensored.

And now, unseen. Six months after the premier agreed to bare her soul, the documentary is dead.

Scheduled to be aired on TVO next month, the broadcast has faded to black. What once seemed an idealistic project now appears politically delusional, a self-inflicted public relations disaster.

Wynne's team invited the camera crew into cabinet meetings and political strategy sessions. But they recoiled at what was recorded and refused to sign off on it.

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Wynne Liberals aren't credible

Premier Kathleen Wynne's problem is that she keeps running out of other people's money - ours - to feed her bloated Liberal government.

The latest confirmation was Monday's downgrade of Ontario's long-term debt by credit rating agency Standard and Poor's.

As S&P bluntly put it: "Province of Ontario downgraded to 'A+' from 'AA-' on very high debt burden and very weak budgetary performance... The downgrade reflects our view that Ontario is a sustained and projected under performer on its budgetary performance and debt burden versus domestic and international peers."

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New Tory attack ad targets Liberal leader despite poll showing NDP ahead

The Harper Conservatives are targeting Justin Trudeau in a television attack-ad blitz that launches Monday but ignores Tom Mulcair, despite a poll that suggests the New Democratic Party has overtaken the Tories in popular support.

The attack ad - "Justin Trudeau - just not ready" - is a departure from the vicious broadside that greeted him when he became Liberal leader.

In that ad, the Conservatives used unflattering footage from a cancer charity fundraiser that showed Trudeau taking off his shirt. Many observers suggested this created a backlash because Canadians find Trudeau likable.

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Economic uncertainty could help Harper

Canada's economy is clearly wilting.

But are things so soft that a change of government - and a change in the country's fiscal policies - are required?

That, of course, is the central question voters and politicians will grapple with over the next several weeks.

Last week, Statistics Canada said Canada's economy got smaller for the fourth month in a row. The shrinkage in April was not, on its own, something to get alarmed about - the economy contracted by 0.1% compared to March - but smaller is smaller, and the trendline is not good.

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Hydro One fire sale a mistake

Surely, oversight is the only explanation for Premier Kathleen Wynne's failure to include plans to sell off Hydro One in last year's Liberal election platform.

How else can you explain her reluctance to debate with voters during the election a major policy shift she implemented the minute she was re-elected?

We generally support bringing private sector discipline to bloated public sector entities such as Hydro One.

The giant utility has been the subject of scathing criticism by provincial Ombudsman Andre Marin for its nonsensical billing practices and lack of accountability.

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Patrick Brown plans to be first Ontario Tory leader to march in Toronto Pride

Progressive Conservative leader Patrick Brown, who earned major social conservative support in his leadership bid, announced Friday morning that he will marching in Toronto's Pride parade on Sunday. He will become the first leader of the party to lead a delegation in the event.

"We are building a new Ontario PC Party-one that celebrates diversity in all its forms and that includes Ontarians from every corner of the province, in every community and on every block," Brown said in a statement. "I am looking forward to attending the Pride parade on Sunday to march."

Brown's announcement was greeted with dismay by Campaign Life Coalition, Canada's national pro-life, pro-family lobby group, which campaigned for Brown in his bid for leadership of the PC Party.

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No Tea Party for Patrick Brown

New Ontario Progressive Conservative Leader Patrick Brown has to move quickly to define himself before Premier Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals do it for him.

That's why we were glad to see him state in an interview with the Toronto Sun Monday he's not interested in revisiting the issues of abortion or same-sex marriage.

On abortion, Brown said: "We are not going to revisit that issue. It will not be part of my platform."

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Trudeau announcing plan to kill first-past-the-post by the next election

Justin Trudeau wants this fall's national vote to be the last federal election conducted under the first-past-the-post electoral system.

And, if the Liberal leader becomes prime minister, it may also be the last election in which Canadians can choose not to vote and the last in which they can only vote by marking an X on a paper ballot.

Changing the way Canadians vote is just one element of a sweeping, 32-point plan to "restore democracy in Canada" that Trudeau is poised to announce Tuesday.

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Patrick Brown in conversation: The new Tory leader discusses his 'pragmatic' conservative vision

Ontario Progressive Conservatives picked Patrick Brown, a relatively unknown 36-year-old MP from Barrie, as their new leader on Saturday.

Fresh from a Mother's Day brunch, where he bumped into Brian Mulroney, Brown met up with the National Post's Ashley Csanady at Queen's Park on Sunday. He said Mulroney told him just a dozen MPs supported his leadership bid, and 88 were with Joe Clark. Brown faces similar challenges in Ontario, and like Mulroney, still needs to win himself a seat. He is expected to resign his post in Ottawa this week, but won't yet say who might step aside for him at Queen's Park.

Here’s an edited, condensed version of Brown chat with the National Post about his vision for the Ontario PCs and his plan to turn the province blue again.

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Trudeau announcing plan to kill first-past-the-post by the next election

Justin Trudeau wants this fall's national vote to be the last federal election conducted under the first-past-the-post electoral system.

And, if the Liberal leader becomes prime minister, it may also be the last election in which Canadians can choose not to vote and the last in which they can only vote by marking an X on a paper ballot.

Changing the way Canadians vote is just one element of a sweeping, 32-point plan to "restore democracy in Canada" that Trudeau is poised to announce Tuesday.

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'Omar Khadr, you've got more class than the whole f--- cabinet': Green leader regrets f-bomb

Although the annual Ottawa Press Gallery Dinner is known for its unorthodox speeches, Green Party Leader Elizabeth May cast an awkward pall on the proceedings with an extended speech that ended with her being led off the stage.

"Omar Khadr, you've got more class than the whole f--- cabinet, thank you," shouted May as Transport Minister Lisa Raitt gripped the B.C. MP by the shoulders and led her off stage right.

Speaking to the National Post on Sunday, an apologetic May insisted the incident was simply a spectacular failure at "edgy" comedy.

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Appointment of anti-pipeline activist a disastrous call by Rachel Notley

When Marg McCuaig-Boyd made her way to the podium on Tuesday evening to give the keynote address at the 2015 Global Petroleum Show, you could tell that she was nervous. But most of the people in the audience were probably just as nervous as the province's newly minted energy minister. After all, they were hearing for the first time from someone with no actual experience in the energy sector, and who was representing a government that had long taken an adversarial approach to an industry that was already up to its neck in adversity. "There's no denying that change at the top after so long is challenging," McCuaig-Boyd said in an awkward five minute speech during which she barely looked up from her notes. "But we are working hard to make the transition as smooth as possible."

Well, so much for that.

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Patrick Brown will rejuvenate Tories

Patrick Brown's campaign for the Ontario PC leadership has him delivering on a bold approach to forge an entirely new direction for the provincial party. During the past 12 years the party has lacked vision as a small group of elites have dictated party policy. As a result, party membership dropped from 100,000 to 10,000. Not only has the base of the party been alienated, so has the Ontario electorate. Voters in the 2014 provincial election chose to return a scandal-ridden Liberal party over the disdain for a PC platform that was out of touch with Ontario values. Cutting 100,000 jobs: Who wants to see their neighbours, friends or family members out of work? A young Conservative captured it well when he stated the "PC party keeps passing the puck in front of their own net."

The last provincial election is the first time I recall people actively discussing destroying their ballots because the choices among the three province parties were so pathetic. Clearly, the silent majority in Ontario is not being represented. All three parties are guilty of catering to their own core elites in the province and they do not represent mainstream Ontario.

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Senate approves anti-terror Bill C-51

The Senate has rubber-stamped new anti-terror legislation that will beef up Canada's policing and spying powers, despite an outcry from those worried the bill will infringe on individual privacy.

Bill C-51 will amend the Criminal Code to make it easier for CSIS officers, border guards, and other law enforcement officials to monitor and arrest potential terror threats in Canada, including individuals seeking to leave the country to commit terror acts abroad.

Critics of the bill warn that it will make it easier for security officials to place Canadians under surveillance, as well as monitor their actions online.

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Socialist Alberta? Hardly. NDP surge has absolutely nothing to do with ideology

Let's play "what if," shall we? What if Rachel Notley's New Democrats are, in fact, poised to take power in Alberta, ending nearly 44 years of consecutive Conservative rule? What if the polls are accurate, this time?

What if, for Premier Jim Prentice and his government, it's all over but the crying?

Would these truly be - as the Progressive Conservative war room was busily imputing Saturday evening on Twitter - the End Times? Will the ghosts of Trotsky, Lenin, Stalin and Hugo Chavez come cantering into Edmonton at Notley's back, each mounted on a pale horse? Further, to spin this out a bit, could a Notley victory lay the table for an even more transformative federal NDP breakthrough in the West?

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David Suzuki compares PM Harper to negligent CEO who "could be thrown in jail"

Speaking before a sold out Campbell River crowd, celebrity environmentalist David Suzuki once again raised the prospect of imprisoning his opponents.

Suzuki has been touting the idea that "climate skeptic politicians" should be jailed since at least 2013.

"I really haven't thought it through," he admitted at the time, when asked about it during a disasterous interview on Australian tv, "but I certainly - personally I think there is a great deal of wilful blindness and it ought to be pointed out in some way, yes."

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McNaughton urges supporters to back Patrick Brown as PC leadership vote nears

Ontario Progressive Conservatives who are pro-life, pro-family, and worried about Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne's radical sex-ed agenda must get out and vote for Patrick Brown in the upcoming party leadership election, says former leadership contender and MPP Monte McNaughton.

Brown is in the race against MPP Christine Elliott. Campaign Life Coalition, Canada's national pro-life lobbying group identifies Elliott as pro-abortion. Elliott also sponsored Ontario's controversial "Bathroom bill."

"I'm encouraging all the people who supported me to get out and vote on May 3 or May 7," McNaughton told LifeSiteNews. "There are two voting days for Patrick Brown, so I'm working hard contacting all of the people who supported me to vote for him."

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Justin Trudeau commits Liberals to a promise they can't hope to keep

Justin Trudeau didn't wait long to sign on for all 94+ recommendations in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission report delivered Tuesday. While the Conservatives and New Democrats limited themselves to positive noises, the Liberal leader dove straight in.

"On behalf of the Liberal Party of Canada and our Parliamentary Caucus, I affirm our unwavering support for the TRC's recommendations, and call on the Government of Canada to take immediate action to implement them," he said.

Unwavering support. For the full list. No exceptions.

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We will remove 'barriers' to abortion if we win May 4 election: PEI's Liberal Premier

Abortion became a hot button issue last night at the PEI leaders debate leading up to the May 4 election as Premier and Liberal Leader Wade MacLauchlan announced that if his party wins, he will ensure increased access to abortion for island women.

"The real issue is where the barriers are," he said in the debate hosted by CBC at the Harbourfront Theatre in Summerside, stating that abortion is available to women as a legal procedure according to the Canada Health Act.

"We have identified three - what is timely and accessible information about the availability of abortion service. Two is about some of the preliminaries that are in place and some of it warrants some serious investigation and discussion as to how that can be improved, and the third is the cost for the traveling out of province to have the abortion. Those are the issues that the government should be addressing," he said.

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