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Family Groups Call for Prime Minister to Restore Democracy by Appointing Strict Constructionist Supreme Court Judges

Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin is a well respected leader in Canada. Her father Ernest Gietz, was a tremendous Evangelical Lay Preacher in Alberta. We applaud Ms. McLachlin for her strong conviction and authenticity in presenting today’s judicial philosophy but good people can differ and debate. With seven out of nine Supreme Court Justices eligible to retire, it is critical that the process to replace them, be wholly transparent.

...Family Groups Call for Prime Minister to Restore Democracy by Appointing Strict Constructionist...

Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin Decrees Judges Must Be Lawmakers

Canada is a country that values freedom, human rights, civil society and the supremacy of Parliament. All freedoms are jeopardized when appointed, unaccountable individuals arbitrarily write the laws of the land. The Chief Justice has changed the duties of Judges to tasks that more resemble ruling dictators with unaccountable power that cannot be challenged. Even the Prime Minister, the Cabinet, and all elected officials have been usurped by the lawmaking ability of judges.

...Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin Decrees Judges Must Be Lawmakers


Freedom is the most valuable right a government can ensure. That sweet fragrance of being free, to set your own path, worship your own way and speak your mind without fear. To raise your children the way you see fit, chose a job, and travel whenever you wish. To live with liberty driving every heartbeat is precious to the soul. Our freedom stems from the form of government we live under. Democracy is a system that should allow the people to determine who leads the nation, who writes the laws and what laws to live under. Ronald Reagan said “Democracy is worth dying for, because it's the most deeply honourable form of government ever devised by man”.


Tories incensed with Supreme Court as some allege Chief Justice lobbied against Marc Nadon appointment

Frustrations inside the Harper government at the recent string of losses at the Supreme Court are in danger of boiling over.

One minister said he had been advised not to get into a public “firefight,” but senior Conservatives are privately incensed and feel the court has blocked Parliament’s ability to make laws.

Rumours about Beverley McLachlin, the Chief Justice, are being shared with journalists, alleging she lobbied against the appointment of Marc Nadon to the court (an appointment later overturned as unconstitutional). It is also being suggested she has told people the Harper government has caused more damage to the court as an institution than any government in Canadian history.

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